Saturday, July 16, 2011

You Can Never Go Wrong with the Office

So if you know me then you know I love The Office.  The American version.  I put it on Netflix and watch it all day, everyday.  It provides the comforting background that is necessary for my well-being.  And what does every Office fan need, why a painted tribute of course.  I went with the quote, "Fact: Bears Eat Beets" said by Jim Halpert whilst imitating Dwight. (Side note: don't you love the word, whilst...I like to incorporate it into any conversation I can.  It provides a little sophistication, whilst also being a terrific bit of word flavor.)

Here is a quick and awesome how-to for putting your own delightful Office quote on your wall. 

 The Result (plus my new living room :)

First, print out your letters whatever size you desire, trace them onto transparencies with a black marker and cut them out.  Keep both the pieces that you cut out. 
If you can tell, I cut them out by cutting through the transparency to the letter, instead of trying to keep a complete, solid border.  You can just tape it closed as seen in the next photo.
see.  just tape it back together and it will all be okay. promise.  Do however, try your best to line up the cut exactly or you might end up with a jagged spot in you final results, but the papers thick and this was very easy to do.  Do the same thing with inside cuts too, like the inside part of the "e".
Next step, trace the letters onto your wall, start by tracing the outside of the letter first, as seen on the "e". 
Then take the inside part of the letter you cut out, match it up to your tracing and trace any inside holes.
You should end up with a delightful little tracing like this.
 Next enlist your nephew (or whomever) for a little free labor.  I made the outline of the letters a little thicker to make it easier for my nephew to stay in the lines, but you don't have too.  Just go ahead and start painting in your letters with a paintbrush and some acrylic paint. It's super fun, trust me, they will love to "color on the walls."
And there you have it.  Your very own Fact statement.  You could put whatever you want on your wall, don't be scared.  The cool thing is if you hate it, you can always paint over it.  BUT I love mine!  Next up: BEARS  BEETS  BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlie's 1st Birthday

I know, I know, Charlie's birthday was March 1st, but isn't it always true "better late than never"?  Well, except with infections...never is always the optimal choice.

Getting ready for the big party!  Making some last minute calls
Birthday Cake for everyone

Hooray!  Happy Birthday Charlie!
Her matching mini cake!

I really wanted her to dig in and smash it all up, but no...she was very ladylike.  Hmm...are we sure she's my child?

Fun marshmallow pops

Playing games.

Loving the presents!  Loving her BFF Alvie playing with her presents in the foreground!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just a Quickie...

So, yes, it has been forever since I last blogged.  I am sure my loyal followers have all but abandoned me, but alas...I go on.  I am ready to reach out and share the end of last year, I shouldn't say "ready" I should say, I finally found a bit of spare time and am willing to post some photos and caption appropriately.  So here we go...a very quick recap of what's been happening as of late (notice the really long way I decided to introduce the "quick intro"...never a dull moment over here, guys):

 Waiting in line to meet Santa, she is sooo excited!

AND meeting Santa...not too fun!  She ripped his hat off, but I don't blame her, he's incredibly scary and really, who's he trying to fool?!

Christmas morning and looking so angelically at a shimmering Christmas ball

 Adam and I at a New Years party

Charlie's first b-day party!  It was her best friend Alvie's 2nd birthday!

In the meantime, a first tooth!  Actually it is a first top tooth and albeit a snaggle tooth, it is still precious!  and a little judgment...

And finally a delightful little bath time photo because it's so cute and, unlike her mom, Charlie loves her baths.  I'm sorry, but I still can't wrap my mind around sitting in a steaming tub of my own filth.  Not a bath lover over here, but I am so glad she loves hers.
Well, it's the end of my post and this is the part where I usually make a promise to keep my blog up to date and all that bull spit, but I'm not going to do that, because every time I do it seems to result in me not blogging for months, so I will just say....see you soon.