Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Super Mario Birthday Cake

Long time no blog, but now that I'm working again and little Charlie is a bonafide crawler, I haven't had much spare time.  Now that my excuses are done, on to more important things, like Adam's Birthday Cake.

Last week was Adam's birthday and I threw him a little surprise party.  He had a great time, but it was the hardest thing I have ever done.  The anxiety of throwing a surprise party proved to be too much for me and minutes before we were supposed to leave, I was in the bathroom throwing up from pure anxiousness.   Crazy!  Well, once we got to the party I was able to relax and Adam was so surprised!  It was wonderful.  What else was wonderful was the awesome cake my mom and I made for Adam.  He's a huge Nintendo fan, so what better cake than a Nintendo cake.  Here is a little walk through of the  process:


my mom making the bob-ombs

 mushrooms tops, turtle shells and flower bits
 goomba bros. & bob-ombs
 All the pieces waiting to dry and be assembled

 so happy!
 Cake assembly.  My mom made the 4 layer cake and frosted it in a wonderful sky blue.
Front of finished cake

Back of cake


close up of the cake

Not only did Adam love the cake, but it tasted awesome too!  Success!!