Friday, February 13, 2009


Well my sweeties, Adam and I went to see Friday the 13th and it was less than stellar.  It was kinda disappointing as most things are when you anticipate them so much.  We had our hopes up for a spectacular showing of gore and gruesomeness but instead were greeted with something that was more PG-13 than terrifying.  Of course as one would expect in a Friday the 13th movie there was the standard nudity and a fare amount of dying but there was not gore, I wanted to see buckets of blood and guts being strung from here to there and alas, there was none.  Not to mention the ridiculous story line that left at least one survivor but the way she survived was not at all like the Friday the 13th's from the past.  It was more like watching a  modern day horror film, with the bevy of attractive characters who manage to escape the clutches of evil through a lot of running and seemingly easy maneuvers.  I will say that the movie was very well filmed, Michael Bay did a good job of setting the scenes and left a person jumping at every falling chair and surprise madman behind you technique, but it was not surprising so much at is was startling.  Of course the music played more into this than the actual shock.  A loud bang at just the right time can make a person jump in their seats, but what the movie was lacking was some real good horror.  There were about 10 deaths in the whole movie and some were pretty awesome, like the 'jerk' getting impaled by the rods sticking out of the guys truck and then being dragged off.  I mean, that was great, but the arrow through the head of the kid driving a boat...I mean, come on, since when did Jason Voorhees have a compound bow and arrow...never.  Also, when did Jason Voorhees ever, and I mean EVER, let a victim live?  Sure, people  have gotten away, but when did he have the power to impale and chose not too?  Sure in part 2 there was the whole "is this my mother speaking to me beyond the grave" thing, but he didn't chain her up and keep her alive.  NO!  He would have stabbed her. Repeatedly.  But for those who want to enjoy a pretty good horror movie without all the background of the original Friday the 13th's than sure, go see the movie and enjoy.  But please don't put a lot of faith into the recreation of the Jason we knew and loved of the past, just enjoy the movie as any other semi-decent horror movie of this day and age.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's midnight movie madness!!!!!!!

so, who else is so freakin' excited about the new Friday the 13th movie coming out tomorrow?  Well, I am not as excited as Adam, but then again I don't think anyone could be.  He has got to be the hands down biggest horror movie fan of all time and the biggest Friday the 13th fan.  He gets chills, literally - i saw them, when he sees the new trailer for the movie and gets super excited when he sees anything pertaining to any of the movies, all 147 of them.  Anyway, we are going to go tonight at midnight to see the movie, I hope it's awesome and super scary!!!  I hope there is not a long line and the theater isn't ridiculously crowded, but I am sure it will be.  Well, if you're not going to catch the movie tonight I hope you do go watch it tomorrow!  I'll let you know the official verdict after we see the movie.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Information that will blow your mind...

So today I was thinking about some of the wonderful things in this world, both tangible items and a lot of intangibles and I figured I would make a short list of my current 5 favorite things, and here we go: 

Number 5:  Nacho cheese.   Nacho cheese is probably man's greatest invention and contribution to this planet.  Nacho cheese goes with everything; for example, it goes with chips (obviously), vegetables (of course), any type of bread product - pretzels, bagels, crackers, sliced (naturally), any meat - chicken, bacon, hamburger (without doubt).  I mean, there is nothing you can't put nacho cheese on.  its flawless.

Number 4:  The fact that sometimes  Adam's breath smells inexplicably like really good chinese food and he allows me to breathe it in at my leisure.

Number 3:  Kissing dog's on the lips.  When a dog's mouth is closed, how could you not want to kiss their little lips?

Number 2:  When Adam says, "Right on, tampon!"  Hilarious.

And Number 1:  When people need to microwave something for 1 minute but are too lazy to hit the 1 and two zeros, so they just type in 1:11.   Magnificent.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

the stork came today!

Today our lovely friend Angie shot out a little baby girl and from what I hear, she's magnificent.  I wanted to also share with you all the awesome belt buckle Angie sent me for Christmas.  It's pretty tits.  yes, I am trying to bring "tits" back, so use it but please don't abuse it.  Anywho, here is a sweet pic of the buckle.
It's pretty rad and I am so happy I get to wear it everyday.

Back to babies:  I am including a pic of what I hope her baby's first professional (because people do that) pictures look like...
I don't know if this baby is a girl or a boy, but darn it, it's tits (wink).  I want all baby pictures to be as cool as this one is.

And, if I were to ever shoot out a kid, I wish it would look like this one:
this is the cutest baby ever!  I know it would be impossible to have a baby look like this, I mean look at his sweet fro', but maybe it is possible...

Actually, if I had a baby it would probably look more like this:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Flickr Pictures

Hey kids, I have added pics to Flickr, so check it out here or on the right hand side bar.  More to come and don't forget to check out my etsy site for new and exciting items!  I'll be putting up more items a few times a week so don't forget to tell your friends!!  

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is Fidel's first birthday today!!  Happy Birthday Fidel!!  
I can't believe he is already a year old, where does the time go?  He was such a cute puppy.  and he has turned into such a handsome young man.
I whipped him and Gary up a delicious birthday breakfast of dry dog food and an over medium egg, yum!

It is also Shakira's birthday today, so happy hip swinging good times for her.  Hey, her and Fidel almost have the same hair.  Awesome!

Super Bowl Bets Update

This picture doesn't have anything to do with this post, I just really like it.  Fidel looks so proud.  Not to mention the creepy baby in the back ground, who's kid is that anyway?

Back to the Super Bowl Bets:

I LOST - whatever

Two months ago when we all were making our picks for the rest of the season and then betting that the loser gets a tattoo of the winners choice, well I really didn't think I would be the loser.  And here I am, having done lost.  Actually, I knew I would probably lose since I know jack about football and the strategies behind forecasting a successful season bracket.  But whatever, It's cool, what am I gonna do...cry about it?  I could, but then I'd be an even bigger loser, so no, I won't cry.   But I will let you all see what Mike Honcho (the winner) has picked out for Adam (second place) to tattoo on my (the loser) as soon as I know what it is.  I am guessing within the next week or so I will have been emblazoned a Super Bowl Bet Loser for life.  I am just glad I can share it all with you guys.