Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, since I am less than 7 weeks away from becoming a parent; I have been wondering to myself if all mothers think their baby is the cutest baby they had ever seen.  OR if you are able to see flaws and be realistic if the baby is less than adorable.  I know, I know, "all babies are cute" but lets be serious...not all babies are beautiful.  I have seen babies who are less cherubic and more chupacabra and I wonder if the parents see it too.  I am curious if my own little baby will be the cutest thing I have ever seen or somewhere in the top 10.  Don't get me wrong, cute or not, I will love her more than anything, but maybe I will emphasize her personality rather than entering her in Toddlers & Tiara's.  Who knows.

I like this baby....

With all this said, I had a little dog when I was in high school who did happen to be the cutest dog I had ever seen.  I moved away to college and filled my dorm walls with pictures of Peanut and let friends admire her.  When I moved, my parents became Peanuts new mom and dad and they loved her with all their hearts.  When they took Peanut on walks, kids would stop them and ask "what is that?"  We thought they just couldn't tell a dog from a cat or something.  Some of my friends were reluctant to pet her or stare her directly in the eye and I would get so upset, because to me she was the cutest, cuddliest, most adorable little angel. 

Today, however, I was looking at old pictures with my mom and came across one of Peanut.....

So I have officially answered my question, and the answer is Yes, no matter what, you will think your little one is the cutest thing you have ever seen in your whole life....which is nice.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Resolution Smesholution

So I am totally over the "365 Days of Awesomeness" that I wanted to do this year.  I love blogging.  It makes me happy and I gotta say that already I am not happy.  I only made it to the Day 5 and I am so over it.  I found myself not wanting to blog and it started to feel forced.  That is horrible.  It's only January 14!  So, I am going to pretend that the 365 day thing never existed and from now on I will just blog about the awesomeness that I usually blog about.  

Like these naughty cookie cutters:

It's not really hard to figure out what is happening in these festive cookie cutters.  BUT the real difficulty comes when it's time to decorate and eat them.  I would feel like a pervert decorating these.  I suppose you could just frost them so the images blur and you wouldn't know if you were eating an acrobatic sexual position or say, a giraffe.  Although, I personally cannot just smear frosting on cookies.  I like to be ornate and outline, really give my cookies the detail they deserve.  If I decorated these I can guarantee you would be able to tell the reverse cowgirl cookie from the group of Christmas carolers cookie.  I usually make cookies with my mom and while prudes we are not, I don't want to break out the candies and nonpareils in order to really capture their faces.  I don't want to look over at my mom and ask if she can tell that the girl is enjoying herself or have I created a whole new set of problems?  Regardless, I would like to see someone's finished product....or would that make me a peeping tom?  Oh the politics of these cookie cutters, I just don't think I am mentally mature enough to handle these.  Let alone eat one...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've Been Spotted!

I've Been Spotted on IndieSpotting

So, my Little Cherries Necklace was featured on Indie Spotting today!!  Yay!  Click on the picture below or the owl above to check out Indie Spotting and how you to can get spotted.   Check out my etsy shop Chickmunk Funk where you can have your own Sweet Little Cherries.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

That's Andre "I'm in the Hall of Fame" Dawson To You

Andre Dawson is finally going into the Hall of Fame!  He is Adam's all time favorite player and he cannot be more ecstatic!  So therefore, he is my Day 5 of Awesomness...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't mind the dog...

he likes it in there.   So, for my Day 4 of Awesomeness, I introduce you to the Pet Crate End Table.

For those who like their animals to be smelled and heard but not seen.  Seriously?  I don't get this product, but oh that wonderful Sky Mall sells these babies for $200!  I guess when you are having guests over, you just put your canine companion "away", like you would toys or left over pizza boxes.  I mean, no one wants to leave their pets lying around; people could trip over them or even, GASP, pet them.  Ewwww!  Besides, it is so much better to lock your dog in the end table next to the couch, where you may place your food and drink than to have them begging at your feet.  This way they can just go crazy trying to get that plate of hot cocktail wieners you left so innocently atop his hideaway.  I suppose this product isn't just for when company comes over, but for when you are so sick and tired of extending your arm to scratch under Fido's chin or throw that damn rubber ball just one more time, that the only possible solution is to lock him in your table.  This way, you can FINALLY enjoy his company in the same room.  awesome.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 of Awesomness

Adam + Transformer's Pajamas = AWESOME!

Day 2 of Awesomness - Fidel's Christmas Excitement

This was Fidel's first real Christmas and he asked if he could surprise his grandma and grandpa by wrapping himself up in a present...

He even showed me how quite and still he could be, but I told him how dark it would get in the box and so he decided against it.

On Christmas morning, he was so excited to get over to his grandma's house, that he was struggling to get into his sweater.  This is not his "Holiday Sweater" that I had bought specifically for Christmas morning, but he prefers this one.  It's small and shows off his beach muscles.

With his sweater finally on, we headed up to my mom's house (his grandma).

He likes to ride up front so he can see all the action, like if there are people walking on the street with out his permission or if there are any detours on the way to grandma's that he has no prior knowledge of.

Looks like the trip is going well...

 AND finally Christmas morning with grandma and grandpa!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years Eve and New Year Day!  Adam and I were once again super crazy last night!  We ate some pasta salad and went to sleep at around 9:30 pm, didn't even attempt to stay up to watch the ball drop, although I did wake up at about 1:00 am and woke Adam up to say Happy New Year!  Don't be jealous of our wild ways, it just wouldn't be fair to yourself.

In other news, as you can see from the picture above taken a few days ago, the baby is rapidly growing in my belly and therefore the whole, foot-in-ribs thing is really becoming quite a frequent and might I say awesome experience.  I try to push her down, but Adam yells at me to not push on his baby...seriously, if this baby was growing inside him and making his lungs feel about the size of a walnut and making him have to pee every 5 minutes (literally) and making his nights sleepless because it is now impossible to find a comfortable position and making his boobs huge and making his emotions run wild so that he cries because he bought his coffee separate from me, then yes, then he can tell me to not push on his baby, but until all that happens AND he has to shove it out of his vagina then I will do whatever I want!

I am also going to go ahead and say I am making a year long commitment to do a 365 day project.  I decided my theme is going to be "365 Days of Awesome!"  I am going to post about something that I think is awesome every day (although me actually blogging every single day may not happen, I will catch up once a week - wow, I am already making excuses for not keeping this new years resolutiony of me.)   

Anywho, to start it off, my Day 1 of Awesome is these little mice my nephew and I made for Christmas and then I forgot to bring them over to Christmas breakfast and Adam ended up eating them all so all anyone got was my story about how we made these mice.  Awesome.

If anyone was disappointed by my Day 1 of Awesome, I am sorry, I cannot promise that this is going to be 365 days of pure gold, but I can guarantee there will be at least 14 days in the upcoming year that you are not going to want to miss!