Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dogs and Peanut Butter ... Phenomenal

There really is nothing more hilarious than a dog eating peanut butter, except when it's two dogs and the peanut butter is just a bit out of reach.  By the way, I realize anyone viewing this video may not find it as laugh out loud funny as I did, buy hey, what else do you have to look at right now.  on my blog.  nothing.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah, Thanksgiving!!!  I love Thanksgiving, I love turkey, I love stuffing, and I love mashed potatoes!  I hope everyone's thanksgiving is fabulous!  We will be going to a friends house today and no, there will not be a kids table because none of us has kids.  (silent cheer)  I am in charge of the mashed potatoes and Adam will be in charge of the homemade dinner rolls.  He makes a mean roll, man. I can actually make some pretty darn good mashed potatoes which, I think, can make or break your meal.  Maybe because I have never made anything for thanksgiving except the mashed potatoes do I think that it is the most important part, but I tell you what, if it wasn't for other people making the turkey and stuffing, my husband and roommate would be getting one of those already cooked chickens from the market. Those things are good! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Kids Table

As an only child I have never really been around a kids table during holiday dinners.  And if there ever was a kids table growing up, I would have rather eaten my dinner outside with the dogs than be caught dead at it.  I was just talking with some folks about their experiences with the table set up for the young ones to enjoy each others company since they would be sooo bored with adult conversation, when in reality (to me) it seems it is quite the opposite.  It is a table set up so the adults do not have to listen to the kids. that I am an adult, sort of, if I had a dinner at my house and invited kids, would I want a kids table or would I let everyone sit at the dinner table.  I am ignoring the fact that I don't currently own a dinner table or any table large enough for more than 4 to sit at.  My husband, being from a large family with 5 other siblings, enjoyed the kids table and looked forward to it.  My roommate on the other hand who has only one other sibling, hated the kids table.  I guess it's up to the size of the family and whether the other kids are cool enough for you to grace their presence with. 

An Introduction to the Players

I like to think of life as an ongoing play, although I don't think being in an actual, physical play is something that I would really want to do, pretending that the earth is one big stage waiting for me to deliver that culminating effect that only its star can provide is something I rather enjoy. That being said, I would like to introduce you to some of the players in my ongoing revival...

The Husband. Who may further be known as Clark Kent, not because I think of him as some superhero in an everyday common disguise, but because, labeling him anything but a superhero is not giving him enough credit. And because giving in to the basic boring intro is just not what I want to do. He is Clark Kent.

Then there is yours truly. I think if you are reading this then you know who I am. I am the star, the light that points an ethereal finger toward whomever I am highlighting that moment. I am both earnest and arrogant. I hopefully am, everyday, a better version of me.

Maybe the most important player is our sweet and sour pup of a dog, Fidel. He is all at once the cutest and most disgusting little creature to ever grace this sweet Earth.

This handsome guy is Gary, Garraputo to be exact. He is the most compassionate and guilt-laden dog I have ever met. He will kiss you until you bleed and then give you a nibble just to add the proverbial cherry. He is the exact opposite of Fidel.

And finally we have the roommate who is just as big apart of this story as the rest of us but because he hates, and that is hates with a capital H, his picture taken, there will only be pics like this. And from here on out he will be known as Mike Honcho, because it's Awesome!

Well, there you have your first intro to the folks that make my life oh so exciting. Until next time love birds...