Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Blog - 365 Day Challenge

Hey again, I have decided to do a 365 Day Project Challenge.  My subject is rings and if you would like to follow along here is my new blog, 365 Days of Rings, or check out the link to the right.  If you want to do your own click on the 365 Day Challenge logo at the right.  I won't be posting my daily challenges on this blog so if you wanna keep up with it you gotta follow peeps! :)
Let's all get super creative in 2012!

New Year, New Blog

So, let's start this off with a big ol' Happy Freakin' New Year Ya'll!  As you can see, I have updated my blog which will hopefully inspire me to become more creative and post more.  That being said, here is a quick recap of 2011 so we can move on full force into Two - Oh - One - Two!

I last saw you in July and before you all exclaim simultaneously about how awesome I am at updating my blog, I just want to tell you that the last 6 months were incredibly uneventful, so that should help you understand my laziness.  Laziness = even more laziness.  It's a fact.

Anywho here is once again a quick recap:

Charlie Bear and I were in a wedding!  She was one of the flower girls but wouldn't walk down the aisle by herself.
 And we're walking...
Me and Charlie

 Adam looking dapper as always

   Grandma & Grandpa with the little flower girl

Then we went to Idaho for our 3rd Annual 4th of July Skiles Bash at Nate and Amanda's:
 don't be jealous, but there was a little goat petting

 waiting for the big parade!
 A little hibachi grilling with all the kids

And topped it all off with a little mexi corn.

Adam's 2nd Father's Day was a smashing success!
 Charlie & I made Adam super hero cookies!

 And burgers and fries!  Got the instructions for these from Bakerella

It was then off to the annual fishing derby!  Charlie was ready to catch her weight in fish.

 she's kinda all talk, cause she was over it before she even put her pole in.

so she wore a bucket on her head instead.  I mean, it really is the next best thing.

We also went camping in Mammoth with the whole family:

 eating lunch by the lake

 Charlie loves sandwiches

 Charlie & Adam taking a stroll

of course we had to make some olive penguins around a cheese igloo...i mean who doesn't have these camping?

Adam & Charlie made it to the top of Mammoth Mountain

In the mean time:
 some disc was played

 some ducks were fed

 we got a new dog, Lexi

 Charlie went to her first pool party

 My friend and I made an awesome Seahawks cake for her husband 

 And Charlie walked Fidel through the park, kinda

 Finally, Charlie went as the cutest duck you've ever seen for Halloween:

Even Grandma got in on the action, although our little duck was not amused.

Well friends, that's what we have been up to in the last 6 months.  I am sure 2012 will be even more fun and I can't wait to share it with you all!
I will post about Christmas and New Years soon (promise)