Thursday, August 12, 2010

It Creeps, It Crawls, It Sees You When Your Sleeping, It's the INTERNET!!!!

So, my mom told me today that she was actually, genuinely afraid of the internet when it first started to become popular.  I'll pause while you reread that opening statement.  You read me right, she was AFRAID of the internet.  She though she would have a sort of hallucinogenic experience when she "logged on."  Not just an experience but an all out "trip" in  some sort of virtual reality that would engulf her mind and physical being.  She expected images to pop out of the screen and she would be on this journey through an altered state of mind. I laughed out loud uncontrollably, I couldn't help but wonder if there were others out there that were equally afraid of the internet.  I mean it's so cliche to be afraid of the dark, or flying, or sharks, or clowns, or whatever else seems to be the popular go-to childhood anxiety, but a fear of the this is interesting.  I probe deeper and find that not only was she afraid of entering some sort of lucid world but she was actually able to push pass this fear and actually get "online".  I suppose it goes without saying she was rather disappointed in the outcome....

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