Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Kids Table

As an only child I have never really been around a kids table during holiday dinners.  And if there ever was a kids table growing up, I would have rather eaten my dinner outside with the dogs than be caught dead at it.  I was just talking with some folks about their experiences with the table set up for the young ones to enjoy each others company since they would be sooo bored with adult conversation, when in reality (to me) it seems it is quite the opposite.  It is a table set up so the adults do not have to listen to the kids.  Hmmm....now that I am an adult, sort of, if I had a dinner at my house and invited kids, would I want a kids table or would I let everyone sit at the dinner table.  I am ignoring the fact that I don't currently own a dinner table or any table large enough for more than 4 to sit at.  My husband, being from a large family with 5 other siblings, enjoyed the kids table and looked forward to it.  My roommate on the other hand who has only one other sibling, hated the kids table.  I guess it's up to the size of the family and whether the other kids are cool enough for you to grace their presence with. 

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