Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Nursery is Complete

Hooray!  It's been a bit of a process but little Charlie's nursery is finally finished, all that is needed is a little baby to put in it.  Here are pics from the transformation:

The nursery before was really cute, our friends who lived here before had a son and it was cute for him, but we wanted to change it up a is the closet before...

The far wall before and of course a horse, because who doesn't want a horse?

next wall before...

and wall by door before...

The room was dry-walled except for the closet and ceiling, so Adam got on it...

adding mud to seams and where we took off the chair rail...

next we did a real thick and swirly texture on the entire room...

more texture...

and even more texture

close up on texture, Adam wrote Charlie's name in the mud...kinda hard to see in the pic

Finally some paint!  My mom came over and offered her artistic talent to the room...there is a sky background, trees, birds and girlie

the new closet, Adam added a permanent shelf and painted her dresser to match the sky background

the tree by door.  This is where the crib will be

flowers and leaves blowing in the wind
the horse sitting beneath the tree...silly horse
inside the closet on the right, a tree branch with flowers

left side of closet, two sweet cuddle birds

Charlie's Room!

Furniture!  All done with the nursery!
my mother-in-law bought us this amazing crib, it goes so well in the room, I loves it!
close up on the crib and bedding, so cute

Well, now that the nursery is all done and everything is put away, all that is left to do is pace around until little Charlie gets here...can't wait!

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