Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Fidel!

Today Fidel is officially 2 years old!  Woo Hoo!  Hooray!  Yip Yip Yip!  We celebrated yesterday with a small get together in honor of my favorite little man.  I realize that this may seem "ridiculous" as our friend BJ put it, but my friends humored me and attended Fidel's Birthday Party.  It was fast and furious and left everyone with a sense of how much I need to give birth to this child that is growing inside me so that I can stop channeling all this maternalness (is that a word?) to my dog.  Regardless, a fun time was had by all.
Fidel's Bow Wow Beef and Bacon Birthday Cake before it went into the oven.  Click on the link to get the recipe.  FYI - a total hit with dogs and our friend Mike Honcho!

Mmmm..... I was afraid that the dog's wouldn't like the cake but it was a huge success!

I couldn't even get a picture of them enjoying the cake because they ate it so freakin' fast.  I am assuming the cake was a total success but then again, Fidel still eats his own poop.  My mom's dog Molly isn't one to turn down a plate of anything either.

Gary was so excited he pushed his cake plate right under the fridge

After cake came presents.  Here Gary is trying to show Fidel that it is proper etiquette to open the card first.

With a new bowl and something awesome in Adam's hand, Fidel is picture perfect.

What could it be?  A new Pirate Chicken of course!!

Well, after too many goodies, cake and presents all the dogs were pooped and had to go.  We had such a good time and hope that Fidel has many more fantastic birthdays!

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AJE Mommy said...

Looks like Fidel had a wonderful party! I can't wait to meet him! He sounds like such an amazing little character. Love you and miss you!