Friday, May 7, 2010

My Current Top 10 Things I Love

So, since it has been a long, long time since I made a list of things I loved...since like this post...I decided it was about time I give you what I am currently lovin'....Prepare to have your jaw drop!

Number 10:  The way cheese curds squeak on your teeth when you eat them. 

Number 9:  My uncontrollable desire to see what that kid on the right's shorts look like from the front.

Number 8:  Dog mug shots

Number 7:  Saying "Farewell" with cupcakes

Number 6:  Not thinking my collection of ceramic pigs is weird.

Number 5:  That this fat mouse has simply given up.

Number 4:  Playing catch so well, it draws a crowd.

Number 3:  All things Dwight Schrute.

Number 2: Baby Charlie + Bumbo + Transforming Cheeseburger = Triple Threat

And Number 1:  Having the hottest husband on the block!

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