Saturday, February 7, 2009

Information that will blow your mind...

So today I was thinking about some of the wonderful things in this world, both tangible items and a lot of intangibles and I figured I would make a short list of my current 5 favorite things, and here we go: 

Number 5:  Nacho cheese.   Nacho cheese is probably man's greatest invention and contribution to this planet.  Nacho cheese goes with everything; for example, it goes with chips (obviously), vegetables (of course), any type of bread product - pretzels, bagels, crackers, sliced (naturally), any meat - chicken, bacon, hamburger (without doubt).  I mean, there is nothing you can't put nacho cheese on.  its flawless.

Number 4:  The fact that sometimes  Adam's breath smells inexplicably like really good chinese food and he allows me to breathe it in at my leisure.

Number 3:  Kissing dog's on the lips.  When a dog's mouth is closed, how could you not want to kiss their little lips?

Number 2:  When Adam says, "Right on, tampon!"  Hilarious.

And Number 1:  When people need to microwave something for 1 minute but are too lazy to hit the 1 and two zeros, so they just type in 1:11.   Magnificent.

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