Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, it has snowed here in Eugene, Oregon. And while the players on this blog know all about snow and have lived in it for numerous years, the nice people of Eugene, Oregon do not know what to do when the white stuff falls. When I say 'not know what to do' I really mean it. Last Monday, there was snow fall, I'd say about 2 inches stuck to the ground. Les Schwab had a line out the door, with people waiting to get snow chains and studded tires. The wait was about 5 hours. Schools were closed Monday thru Wednesday. Yesterday, Adam and I were driving and the snow had all melted, the roads were not icy, but we saw a man driving a 4-wheel drive truck with snow chains. I'd just like to say thank you sir for f'ing up the roads...brilliant. I can't say that some caution is not warrented. The Eugene and Springfield police department sent all their officers to the roads because there were car crashes galore. 25 on Monday alone (that was by 4 PM). We all chose to stay inside because we did not want to end up in a ditch thanks to some wild Oregonian. However, I do have to say that the wonderful road maintenance people here did try to plow the roads, but by plow I mean scrape the top layer of loose snow off the roads and leave the icy bottom. So that was nice.

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