Sunday, December 28, 2008


So, I saw this online and literally laughed out loud!! It's from the SkyMall, you know the awesome mail order mall in the sky, anyway It's awesome AND hilarious:

Pet Observation Dome

A "pet observation dome," Really?! Do dogs really need this? Fidel and Gary have a sixth sense about animals and people outside of the fence, I don't think they need visual confirmation. However, I really want to see these domes on everyone's fence everywhere and in all sizes and heights so I can walk by a long fence and see each animal with their very own dome, I want cats, rabbits, dogs, horses, anything that is on the other side of that fence to be able to see me walk by. Seriously, that would be awesome.

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AJE Mommy said...

People have serious issues when it comes to their pets!!! haha