Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in T-Pah

So, Adam, Mike Honcho and I are back living in Tonopah. I am soooo excited, we finally got our internet hooked up today, along with a phone and t.v.! We haven't had t.v. in like 2 years so we're all like kids in a candy shop or adults in a liquor store, whatever you prefer. I will be putting my store back online, probably tomorrow and will be coming out with a new store with housewares and stuff, so be on the look out for that! It's gonna get real exciting around here!

Below are some pics of my new neighbors:

This is Rose Goat. She prefers carrots over apples and likes to have her ears scratched.

This is Rose Goat with Rusty Horse. Rusty likes both carrots and apples and enjoys long rides out in the desert.

I am looking forward to becoming better friends with Rose and Rusty, maybe one day I can let them over into my yard and have ourselves a big 'ol hoe-down!

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