Monday, April 27, 2009

It's 4-Wheeler Season!!!!!!!!!

Hooray, it's that time to dust off the old 4-wheelers and really see what they can do. If you are lucky enough to live out in the desert like we do, then you know the desert is one big ATV playground. BUT, even some people fall down off the monkey bars. The following pics are to commemorate Mike Honcho's Day Of Fun!

Enjoy. I hope your not eating.

These first 3 pics are from the day after Mike Honcho's Day Of Fun:

These are the tire marks.

This is the broken collarbone.

This little beauty happened while skidding across the desert floor.

This next set was from a few days after:

Ahhh...the bruising is coming along nicely.

It's always nice to bring home a souvenir

This one is my personal fave. I think it really captures the fun that was had.

It has been about a week since Mike Honcho had his Day Of Fun.
Here are some pics from this morning:

The healing has begun...excellent.

Only a few more weeks in his sweet harness and he should be good. I know he is looking forward to Mike Honcho's Day of Fun Part 2, but maybe he'll skip bringing home souvenirs and just opt for fond memories.