Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well, at Least It's Something....

We have a small Frisbee golf course here in Tonopah that puts all other courses to shame with its tiny size and ridiculously easy par 3's. I say easy, but it's not that easy for me. It's cool, don't feel bad for me, just know if you ever come to Tonopah and play some disc with us, I'm going to talk major smack and act like I am awesome. Just so you know. Even though it may not be the best course, at least there is one here. Below are some super great pics of us and some friends taking in a beautiful day at Highland Park:

Adam was congratulating me on how well I play!
Actually, he was consoling me on how bad I play, but do I look like I care about my lack of skill?
I am awesome.

Here Adam was winding up for a big one...

Today was Angie's first time playing and the boys were giving her some sweet pointers. Except for BJ, he seems to have spotted something awesome over yonder....

And there she goes......Looks like it's going to be a Perfect shot with that excellent form!

Hmmm....contemplating the next move? Or watching someones disc fly? I'm guessing they are judging distance and wind velocity.

Oh just another exciting day in ol' T-Pah!! I hope whoever decides to come visit us this summer is bringing their A game, cause it's gonna be ON. Like RON. In the JON. Petting a FAWN. At DAWN. word.

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