Friday, June 5, 2009

Idle Hands.....

So, Adam's brother brought over a new video game and like any true gamer, they HAD to spend a few hours creating a player for Adam. (And yes, it's as dorky as it sounds). They tweaked all sorts of details about him including every single facial detail you could possibly imagine. I personally would have become completely bored and just chose which ever character looked somewhat like me, but no, these two spent so much time and energy on this that I don't even know if they actually played a game. But alas, below is fruit of their labor:

This is the real Adam, looking all sorts of subtle:

And Holy Crap, here is the game version of Adam:

I have to say I was completely impressed with how much it looks like him. So impressed in fact that I had to blog about it. I guess this is what happens when grown men spend hours on minute details...they come up with a completely useless video game version of themselves. If only this much effort was put into, oh I don't know, folding the laundry....

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