Saturday, June 13, 2009

No Soliciting....

Or Yes Soliciting? We came across this fine young man sitting at a rest stop while we were moving from Oregon. It's probably obvious why this guy is totally rad, but just in case you need help here are the 3 reasons I think he's awesome:

Reason #1: He's a bad ass. He doesn't care that he's not allowed to solicit at this public rest stop. He will boldly take his sign asking for money and sit purposely and aggressively under a NO SOLICITING sign all the while giving a nonverbal "F You" to the Man. Rebellion at its best.

Reason #2: He's got a cat. Homeless guy plus dog is so cliche. Want another way to be awesome? get a cat...and by the looks of things, I bet him and his cat are going to rule the world one day.

And finally,

Reason #3: He caught me taking a picture of him. I was slyly trying to take his pic, without him noticing, but as soon as I clicked my camera and sped away, I looked at the picture and noticed he was looking right at me, unashamed and committed. Just another reason why he might just be the most awesome man holding a cat that I have ever taken a picture of at a rest stop.

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WillowWalker said...

That rest stop looks awfully familiar! Is it the one on the Santiam?

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