Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From Like Totally Geek to Like Totally Sheik

Actually more like from totally bad to totally rad!  As some of you know, Adam and I bought our first house and have been working like mad on our new kitchen.  I say "we" have been working like mad, but really it's been Adam, my dad and brother-in-law.  They have been working like mad and I've been watching like crazy.  Here is a little taste of how the process went:

This is before... take it in, it's truly a sight.

Another angle of the kitchen in it's previous glory.

Here's Adam tearing up the linoleum after he tore out the cabinets. 
FYI: linoleum from the 70's that the original owners put down with some sort of industrial glue that I am sure is no longer legal in the US sucks to pull up.  I recommend not doing it...ever.

Posing with our new cabinetry from Lowes.  Yay!

After Adam dry-walled and painted and my dad re-framed the window and added new electrical outlets, my new floor is finally getting laid, oww!

And now, drum roll please.....my new kitchen!!!

Isn't she beautiful?

another angle of the beauty that is now my very own kitchen.
sigh. i'm so happy. bigger sigh.

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AJE Mommy said...

AMAZING!!! Looks awesome! And I love the ultrasound pics too! Miss you and love you!