Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Bets Update

This picture doesn't have anything to do with this post, I just really like it.  Fidel looks so proud.  Not to mention the creepy baby in the back ground, who's kid is that anyway?

Back to the Super Bowl Bets:

I LOST - whatever

Two months ago when we all were making our picks for the rest of the season and then betting that the loser gets a tattoo of the winners choice, well I really didn't think I would be the loser.  And here I am, having done lost.  Actually, I knew I would probably lose since I know jack about football and the strategies behind forecasting a successful season bracket.  But whatever, It's cool, what am I gonna do...cry about it?  I could, but then I'd be an even bigger loser, so no, I won't cry.   But I will let you all see what Mike Honcho (the winner) has picked out for Adam (second place) to tattoo on my (the loser) as soon as I know what it is.  I am guessing within the next week or so I will have been emblazoned a Super Bowl Bet Loser for life.  I am just glad I can share it all with you guys.

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