Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's midnight movie madness!!!!!!!

so, who else is so freakin' excited about the new Friday the 13th movie coming out tomorrow?  Well, I am not as excited as Adam, but then again I don't think anyone could be.  He has got to be the hands down biggest horror movie fan of all time and the biggest Friday the 13th fan.  He gets chills, literally - i saw them, when he sees the new trailer for the movie and gets super excited when he sees anything pertaining to any of the movies, all 147 of them.  Anyway, we are going to go tonight at midnight to see the movie, I hope it's awesome and super scary!!!  I hope there is not a long line and the theater isn't ridiculously crowded, but I am sure it will be.  Well, if you're not going to catch the movie tonight I hope you do go watch it tomorrow!  I'll let you know the official verdict after we see the movie.

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