Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy and Wild Times

So, I am not feeling all that well, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, hopefully it will be gone by tonight because I do have some awesome stuff to blog about.  Anywho, In the mean time, I was really wanting to show you these awesome pics of our hilarious dogs.  Sometimes they just like to let their hair down and go nuts.  It's so wild and crazy here, I don't think I can explain in words better than what these pictures can tell you.  And away we go....

This is CRAZY Gary.  
Laughing Crazily.

This is Fidel spinning, notice how everything around him is still, like the little bookcase and the jacket arm.  He really does like to get in a good spin.  everyday.  all day.

Oh man. There he goes again, this time I think it was to get Gary's attention, who mind you is not a spinner.  Gary couldn't care less though, I mean, he does so much crazier stuff anyway, like spinning is totally lame.  But man, doesn't Fidel have such good form?  I think he's a shoe-in for gold at this years Spinolympics.


AJE Mommy said...

I think the best part of those pictures is that everything else is in focus but Fidel. So he's just that fast at spinning!!! It must have taken many years to get THAT good! haha

J-Nizzle fo Shizzle said...

Those pictures of Fidel are HILARIOUS. I actually laughed out loud. He's like a little Tasmanian Devil. You need to figure out how to exploit his talent for money. Travel the country and charge people to see "the amazing spinning dog" or at least post a video on YouTube. Freaking awesome.