Thursday, January 8, 2009

Super Bowl Bets

Even though the three of us are living in Oregon and not in the gaming capital of the US, we decided to go ahead and bet on the Super Bowl.  Now I am at a great disadvantage since the only thing I know about football is that I know I like the Manning brothers.  I like them.  That's it.  Well, I went ahead and made my pics for these brackets that Adam and Mike Honcho made up.  They asked me who I liked out of certain teams and I told them.  As of a month ago, I had a Colts v. Giants Super Bowl, a Manning v. Manning Super Bowl...I told you , I like them.  As of last week, that is no longer happening, but now I am losing the bet.  (I am giving a pouty face, so you know)  It looks like Mike Honcho is in the lead (go figure, he loves football and knows everything about it) and Adam is in second.  I am not sure how much longer it is until the big game day or how they even figure out who's winning, but let me tell you this, it's not me.  I suppose you want to know what the bet is...well, 1st place gets to pick out a tattoo, 2nd place does the tattoo, and 3rd place receives the tattoo.  So if Mike Honcho wins, he gets to pick a tattoo and if I lose, I have to get whatever he picks and he's already hinted that is has something to do with the Dallas Cowboys and a helmet.  Seriously.  a dallas cowboys helmet.  How lame.  I DO NOT want a DALLAS COWBOYS HELMET on me.  I wouldn't mind if it was something cool, like a guy walking a tightrope above a  pool of sharks, but a helmet with his favorite team on it?  I really hope I can give a good enough argument because this would be embarrassing.  Anywho...I am going to go try and convince him that his idea is so boring and "Unoriginal"  I am going to try to reverse psychology his ass, so that way HE thinks the idea is lame.   Ha Ha Ha.   Oh how devilishly clever I am....

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