Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day today!!  Since most everyone will have the day off to celebrate, here are a few ideas from me on just how to enjoy your day:
  1. Talk about things you don't plan on doing.  ever.  to everyone.  I am definitely going to get involved in a pick up basketball game today.   
  2. March around a large piece of furniture for 20 minutes, playing air bagpipes.  You will really feel like you did something productive.  trust me.
  3. See how many high fives you can give your dog/cat in a row.  My record is 1.  My dog sucks.
  4. Eat nothing but celery today.  You'll lose weight and be super skinny tomorrow morning. I don't have an eating disorder I just like it when my ribs stick out...
  5.  Take nude pictures of yourself and threaten to send them to everyone you know.  and then accidently do.  
That last one should tie up the rest of your day, so I hope you guys got some real good ideas so you can have a great day!  Don't forget to wear buttons today, they make a statement so you don't have to.

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Dave said...

What happened to a blog a day?!