Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2 of Awesomness - Fidel's Christmas Excitement

This was Fidel's first real Christmas and he asked if he could surprise his grandma and grandpa by wrapping himself up in a present...

He even showed me how quite and still he could be, but I told him how dark it would get in the box and so he decided against it.

On Christmas morning, he was so excited to get over to his grandma's house, that he was struggling to get into his sweater.  This is not his "Holiday Sweater" that I had bought specifically for Christmas morning, but he prefers this one.  It's small and shows off his beach muscles.

With his sweater finally on, we headed up to my mom's house (his grandma).

He likes to ride up front so he can see all the action, like if there are people walking on the street with out his permission or if there are any detours on the way to grandma's that he has no prior knowledge of.

Looks like the trip is going well...

 AND finally Christmas morning with grandma and grandpa!!!!


Trish said...

I love it! Fidel is sooooo cute and great pictures!

Wildwood Flower said...

Thanks Trish! Isn't it funny how our pets become our babies!?