Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Resolution Smesholution

So I am totally over the "365 Days of Awesomeness" that I wanted to do this year.  I love blogging.  It makes me happy and I gotta say that already I am not happy.  I only made it to the Day 5 and I am so over it.  I found myself not wanting to blog and it started to feel forced.  That is horrible.  It's only January 14!  So, I am going to pretend that the 365 day thing never existed and from now on I will just blog about the awesomeness that I usually blog about.  

Like these naughty cookie cutters:

It's not really hard to figure out what is happening in these festive cookie cutters.  BUT the real difficulty comes when it's time to decorate and eat them.  I would feel like a pervert decorating these.  I suppose you could just frost them so the images blur and you wouldn't know if you were eating an acrobatic sexual position or say, a giraffe.  Although, I personally cannot just smear frosting on cookies.  I like to be ornate and outline, really give my cookies the detail they deserve.  If I decorated these I can guarantee you would be able to tell the reverse cowgirl cookie from the group of Christmas carolers cookie.  I usually make cookies with my mom and while prudes we are not, I don't want to break out the candies and nonpareils in order to really capture their faces.  I don't want to look over at my mom and ask if she can tell that the girl is enjoying herself or have I created a whole new set of problems?  Regardless, I would like to see someone's finished product....or would that make me a peeping tom?  Oh the politics of these cookie cutters, I just don't think I am mentally mature enough to handle these.  Let alone eat one...


AJE Mommy said...

You should make some cookies with those and send them out as Xmas cookie gifts! haha

Wildwood Flower said...

ha ha ha! Or maybe they can be my birth announcement gifts with little descriptions on how I conceived! gross, I know.