Friday, January 9, 2009

I Got a New Hamster today

his name is Mr. Snufflecakes and he is so cool.  We have done so much today it is crazy!!  Here is a little bit of the fun we had.  Take it away Mr. Snufflecakes...

Here he was giving me a "Thank you for picking me" cake.  Oh, you're welcome Mr. Snufflecakes, you are welcome.

We had a big day planned so Mr. Snufflecakes got in a workout while I took a shower.

During my shower I remembered something and I yelled down to him to please water the plants because I usually forget.  dumb me.  He's very helpful around the house.

We decided to warm up with a game of tennis, I am not very good, but Mr. Snufflecakes is patient and it didn't take long until we could really get a good volley going.

Next, I took him to my favorite golf course where we hit a few balls at the driving range.  We both agreed that a full game would just be to tiring since we still had a big night ahead of us.

We ended the night with some karaoke at the local hangout.  He did a stellar rendition of Manic Monday by the Bangles.  We had such an awesome time!

Here he was cheering me on when I got up to sing Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On.  I think I had the whole club a jumpin' with that one.

Mr. Snufflecakes and I had such an awesome day...I hope there is more to come!  Let's hope the dogs don't eat him before we can go boogie boarding this summer!  Owww!

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J'Neal said...

Oh dear God, you need a job.